Communication, Boundaries, & Permission (with Becca Kaplan)

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This week, Daniel and Monty sit down with stage manager/actor/director Becca Kaplan, exploring her approaches to theatre production and the importance of clear and effective communication in the rehearsal process..

Topics include:

  • Working around racist and sexist content in the modern theatrical era
  • How physical choreography can change the mood and tension of a scene
  • Generational differences between actors
  • The importance of intimacy directors in modern theatre
  • The practicality of stage management as a career choice in the arts
  • The creative freedom of receiving permission and setting boundaries
  • Communicating physical boundaries and permissions as a means of exploring moments of physicality and intimacy as opposed to traditional choreography
  • Gender, sexuality, and identity politics in theatre and film
  • How portrayals of sex and gender in the arts affect our perception of both
  • Actor-based direction as a means of exploration in a play
  • The effects stage management can have on your personality
  • Our ideal rehearsal rooms/artistic career paths

Each week, Daniel & Monty share recommendations of something they are watching, reading, or listening to. This week, Daniel suggests The Netflix Series The Haunting of Hill House and Shirley Jackson’s novel on which it is based, and Monty suggests the audiobook version of Malcolm Gladwell’s Talking to Strangers.

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This week’s shoutouts & further reading include:

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