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This week Daniel and Monty sit down with actor Elisabeth Ahrens, who was featured in Rude Grooms’s 2019 productions of Romeo & Juliet and The Changeling. She’s also the person we specifically referenced in Episode 1 of the podcast whose audition was so strong we added an entire actor track to a production. To learn more, follow her on Instagram @elisabethahrens.

Topics include:

  • Finding alternatives to clichéd one-note character choices through non-traditional casting choices
  • How a rural, pre-Nintendo childhood inspired young Elisabeth to write, act, and direct in plays for her family to keep herself entertained.
  • Elisabeth’s time in the MFA program at the Asolo Conservatory (Florida State) and the Ringling Circus Museum, Art Gallery, and historic theater space
  • Monty’s inability to differentiate between Jeff Bridges and Jeff Daniels
  • White Russians as Daniel’s entry to drinking in NYC
  • Elisabeth’s extraordinary sense of play as an actor and its root in the text
  • Learning how to work on limited rehearsal time by being thrust into the fire of a condensed rehearsal period
  • The benefits & responsibilities of working in a condensed rehearsal period that doesn’t give you time to procrastinate as an artist
  • How to find freedom and play even in rehearsal rooms where the job is to fulfill a director’s predetermined plan
  • The difference between watching actors who are present with other actors on stage and actors who are checked out and going through the motions
  • The energetic tether between two people who are truly present with each other, on stage and in life
  • The return of Mirror Neurons!
  • The difference in watching theater as an audience member and as a practitioner
  • How to keep things fresh and new and present after you’ve reached the fourth week of a run
  • How rediscovering our spontaneous play as actors requires us to abandon our “good student” desire of some arts to “get it right.”
  • The importance of playing the reality of “mistakes” (or gifts) that happen in performance
  • How difficult it can be to enjoy watching theater as a theater maker
  • The power of being easeful on stage (“for in the very torrent, tempest, and as I may say the whirlwind of your passion, you must acquire and beget a temperance that may give it smoothness”)
  • Working on classical texts as a puzzle for the artist to unpack for the audience
  • Elisabeth’s turn as Peter in our production of Romeo and Juliet & finding new ways to “translate” jokes that resonate in hurtful ways for modern artists and audiences

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