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Montgomery Sutton, Anneka Kumli, and Daniel Kemper
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This week we sit down with actor, singer, model, dancer, and poet Anneka Kumli ( to discuss finding her personal intersection between political activism and art. Along the way, topics include:

  • The horrors of the MTA on the weekend, and the not-so-secret Hate Poetry that all New Yorkers write while stuck in a subway tunnel at 2am.
  • The Tragedy of Miriam by Elizabeth Cary, the first extant original play written by a woman in English.
  • The Roaring Girl by Thomas Middleton and Thomas Dekker, about the real-life cross-dressing thief who may have even defied the law to appear onstage as herself in the play.
  • The ability of good politicians and good art to make people feel heard.
  • Whiplash, and the question of whether achieving greatness is worth the personal cost.
  • The brilliance of Brad Pitt’s accent, Eric Bana’s hair, and (let’s be real) everything in Wolfgang Peterson’s 2004 film Troy.
  • Anneka’s time working for the Governor of Colorado as a Legislative Aide, on his re-election campaign, and then as his events director on his inaugural committee.
  • The democratic importance of the plays performed at the Festival of Dionysus in Athens and attending theater as a “civic duty.”
  • The importance of the arts in a time where many people seem to have forgotten what it is to listen to one another.
  • Anneka’s original poem, “2019.”

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This week’s shoutouts & further reading include:

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