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We are so excited to start sharing these conversations and the many amazing guests of This Wooden O with you that we can hardly wait! But we set a date… So we must…

In the meantime, we highly suggest another (and completely different) podcast to indulge your years: 1865. The show, which features our co-host Montgomery Sutton as John Wilkes Booth alongside Tony award winner Reed Birney and The Good Place‘s William Jackson Harper, is a series of deeply researched historical fiction that listeners call “a nail biting well acted series,” “amazing and insightful,” “super high production value, excellent acting, AMAZING score, so very informative.”

Digital Trends featured it as one of the Best New Stories of the Week in July of 2019.

The renowned NPR show Snap Judgement featured the pilot episode, saying “Heavily researched, this historical political thriller podcast is an audio drama that explores America’s darkest hours. You will be astonished—and all of it is based on true events.”

The AV Club says “it’s tempting to wonder if this is the best audio fiction podcast of all time. While it’s impossible to weigh all such programs equally against some golden mean, few of the genre’s works approach the same heights as this series. Writer-director Steven Walters’ dramatization of the power vacuum that nearly swallowed Washington following Abraham Lincoln’s assassination is so thoughtfully realized that it approaches the level of one of Shakespeare’s history plays, made all the better by its serialization and length. The narrative winds as tightly as piano wire around two deeply flawed men, President Andrew Johnson and Secretary Of War Edwin M. Stanton, as they follow a path of ruin. A show like this lives and dies on the strength of its performances, and 1865 boasts a stellar cast anchored by an outstanding lead performance from Jeremy Schwartz as Stanton. This is podcast storytelling at its finest.”

Binge the whole series on your favorite podcast app, or just click play below to hear the Snap Judgment episode and continue listening on Wondery.

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